Comments From The Clients

I have nothing but positive things to say about Dr. Kevin Lee and the Village Wellness Clinic. I must admit I was somewhat skeptical before starting as this has been my first experience with chiropractic treatment. Dr. Kevin has been professional, friendly, informed and very responsive to my concerns. I feel comfortable visiting the clinic and asking any questions I may have. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a chiropractor.

- Andrew M.-

He is easily the most AMAZING doctor I’ve ever had! Dr.Lee is a MIRACLE WORKER. The day I met him I could BARELY walk. After ONE session I was walking again and after a week and a half, I felt 120% better. I’ve recommended him to every one of my friends and co-workers and will continue to do so. My lower back is forever in his debt!

- Jimmy C.-

Recently I started jogging again and as a result old ankle injuries came back. Thanks to Dr. Lee, one adjustment and I was good as new again. Greatly appreciated.

- Akmal Farah, Chief Instructor of Authentic Taekwondo Inc.-

Dr. Lee has basically changed my life. I have very little pain and I am very impressed with the results he has achieved with me. He is the only doctor who has really dealt positively with my problems with pain.

- Evelyn L.-

Thanks for braving my flu to treat my headaches! My neck feels great, and I had the best nights sleep in about a week.

- Ryan H.-

My husband and I were very impressed by the knowledge, the professional manner in which Dr. Lee presented himself and the care in which he took in his work… He is up to date with the latest treatments in his field…we would highly recommend Dr. Lee and wish him the best in his practice.

- Gary and Cathy E.-

Dr. Kevin Lee really is amazing. He made a believer out of me. I was very skepticle at first but Dr. Lee does amazing work and I can already feel a major difference.

- Rhiannon T.-

Doctor, my neck pain was totally gone after the treatment and has not returned! Thank you!

- Robert S. -
I’ve just arrived back from my Vacation out East which consisted of 11 days of driving for 6-8 hours each day. I saw Dr. Kevin Lee right before heading off because I was experiencing excruciating pain in my neck and shoulders and scared that my pain would disable me from me driving the long distances during vacation. Dr. Lee spent a lot of time getting to know my problems and what he could do to help me out. I had been trying multiple therapies and decided to seek chiropractic help. When I saw Dr. Lee, he explained everything thoroughly and made me feel comfortable while he attended to my needs. He helped me relief much of the sharp pain I was experiencing in my neck. It was enough to get me going onto my trip and I can say with confidence that Dr. Lee is someone who cares and is willing to work with you to try to help heal you. I will be returning to Dr. Lee very soon!


- Jeffrey L. Doctor of Optometry Candidate-

Dr. Lee is excellent at what he does. I play a lot of volleyball over the years and have messed up my knee. I came in with pain in my knee that I’ve had for over 2 years and before even leaving the appointment there were incredible results. I could extend my knee without pain and noticed improved stability in my leg. He has excellent bedside manner and is very helpful in explaining what he is doing. I’ve already recommended him to multiple people. Thanks Dr. Lee!

- Craig M.-

I found Dr. Kevin Lee through Google search and what a lucky day it was for me. He listened, he explained thoroughly, he answered all questions. He’s knowledgeable and a great chiropractor. You won’t go wrong! 5* Thanks Kevin.

- Joy T.-

I wanted to share my personal experience with everyone out there who is suffering from any kind of pain and body aches. My son was unfortunately in an accident in 2013 and had to be taken to Dr. Kevin Lee. I was so satisfied with Dr. Lee’s performance and his services to get my son to recover so fast, that I also decided to visit him with my long term shoulder and neck pain which in my mind was not curable. In the past, I had visited so many other doctors in the past and they have never came even close to addressing my aches and pains. I am so thankful to Dr. Lee because I am thrilled beyond words – I have no pain. Dr. Lee  has proven to be the best of the best! He also taught me how to do exercises at home to help maintain the effects of the treatment. He is a very caring doctor.

I highly recommend Dr. Lee to anybody and everybody who is suffering from body aches and pains.

Thank you Dr. Lee for providing me and my son with such professional care. I wish you the best in your practice!

- Sarah T. -

As a doctor of chiropractic student I was blessed with an opportunity to do my externship with Dr. Kevin Lee.  It was actually during this time that I was also involved in an unfortunate car accident where I had suffered minor whiplash that was accompanied by a severe headache that reoccurred a few times that week.  It was an unfortunate accident but a very rewarding one at the same time as I was able to experience the benefits of acupuncture when utilized with chiropractic care.  I responded very well to Dr. Lee’s treatment; my soreness and my headache disappeared the following week and have been absent ever since.  In addition. witnessing myself and others responding well to acupuncture and chiropractic has convinced me to pursue my own acupuncture degree so that I can provide my future patients with the same benefits.   As a chiropractor his skills, knowledge, and experience is outstanding.  As a mentor, he has assisted me with answers to many of my questions and concerns I had for practicing chiropractic in Ontario.  I am thankful that he has helped me in many ways not just therapeutically but also mentally in helping me prepare my future career as a chiropractor.  Thank You

- Nathan Cheung, Chiropractor-

I was having neck pain and thought it would eventually go away by doing some stretches. After 2 weeks, the pain was still there. Hesitant at first, I finally decided to see Dr. Lee to get my first neck adjustment. I’m glad I did, because I instantly got relief, and the pain has not recurred ever since.

- Charis, Kinesiologist-