Tension Headaches


Headaches can be a pain in the butt sometimes and they can even be debilitating as well! You can get many different types of headaches – some headaches cause a tight cap around your head or a squeezing sensation, some you can feel it behind your eye or on the front of your forehead, some headaches you can feel at the back/top/sides of your head, while other types of headaches can literally make you cry! Sometimes you  may even have a mixture of two different types of headaches.

Headache Comparison

With so many types of headaches, you also have quite a few different causes of headaches. Many headache sufferers often experience Tension headaches which can be caused by really tight muscles in and around the head and neck. How these muscles get tight is mostly due to the fact that our sedentary lifestyle and posture are usually the culprits. With tension headaches, normally we experience pain in the forehead, behind the eyes, or in the back of the head.

Tension headaches

Painful headaches don’t have to control your life and what you do! Chiropractic/acupuncture care,  postural exercises, and physical activity can help reduce the frequency of headaches and allow for you to do the things that you love pain-free!


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Dr. Kevin Lee