Memorable Moments from 2013

I was just spending some time looking to re-vamp my website and I’ve been blogging a storm for the past few days. But I came across the “Events” section of my website and I figured that even though I had only posted about a few different things – there was quite a bit of stuff that has happened in 2013 and there’s been quite a few things I am quite thankful for! Here are some of the highlights!:

- Certified Contemporary Medical Acupuncture Provider and implementing it into my practice – it has proven to be very effective with the majority of my patients

- A family friend who is currently in medical school at the University of Toronto sent me a link to an Allied Health Professional seminar. At that seminar, I met and became friends with two great individuals – Liam LaTouche and Victor Pang who have been a great source of inspiration and knowledge.

- Guest speaker during the TDSB Asian Heritage Symposium. I really thought my powerpoint presentation was kind of boring so I ended up doing more demos with the teachers than anything. Surprisingly, the coordinator of the symposium did a survey with the high school students and my presentation came up to be one of the more popular presentations of the day.

- Official Team Doctor for the Authentic Taekwondo during the Canada Open and the Ontario Provincials

- Certified Active Release Technique Provider in Spine and Upper Extremity (Lower Extremity – I hope to certified in March)

- Community/Mall events throughout the summer. I got to (re-)connect with several patients.

- Being a medical volunteer and working with two resident MDs, three nurses, and an individual who just wanted to help out for a good cause during the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon in October.

- Partnering with Homeless Connect Toronto and also Drs. Tammy Yuen and Kathryn Monaghan to help out a great cause in providing care for those who are homeless and underprivileged.

There’s probably a ton of different things that I’ve forgotten in 2013 (as my parents say, ‘The older you get. The faster time goes by’), but all in all it has been a pretty good year! And it wouldn’t have been a great year without having great patients in which I am really grateful for! So as 2014 continues I’m looking forward to much bigger and exciting things to happen!